Q: What is the NOP card?
A: The NOP card can be the difference between affording needed medications or going without. Users can save up to 75% on FDA-approved medicines at pharmacies nationwide. Present this card at the pharmacy each time you fill a prescription, and save! It’s that easy!

Q: Who benefits from using theprescriptionsavings card?
A: Anyone without prescription drug insurance, with limited insurance or no insurance at all. Card holders save money anytime they use the savings card when presented with their prescriptions. They never pay full price again. Insured individuals can also use the card to save on medications not covered by their plan or which offer greater savings than their plan. Seniors can especially benefit when using the card to supplement their Medicare coverage.

Q:How does the prescription savings card work?

A: The savings card, which is comparable to an ATM card, has pre-programmed instructions which are read by the computer when presented. Each prescription is discounted per a pre-agreed upon amount when the card information gets entered. New-age expertise helps ensure a trouble free transaction every time.

Q: What is a discount or drug savings card?

A: Discount or drug savings cards help to save money on prescription medications. The card is presented at the participating pharmacy with the prescription and the savings are applied immediately. That’s all there is to it.

Q: Must my doctor approve the use of this card writing my prescription?

A: It is always a good idea to talk with your doctor about your coverage but using the card does not require your physician’s approval.

Q: If a drug is excluded by my health care coverage will I still get a discount with the card?

A: As long as the drug is approved by the FDA it qualifies for the discount.

Q: Are all prescription medications covered under this program?

A: If a brand name or generic medication is approved by the FDA it is covered.

Q: Will the card be accepted by all pharmacies?

A: There are some pharmacies that choose not to participate with our savings program.T his is due to the deep discounts and potentially problematic procedural efforts on behalf of our card holders to facilitate it’s use. When your pharmacy accepts the card you can feel confident they are looking out for your best interests. You can go to the PRINT CARD section of the site and click here to find participating pharmacies.

Q: Can I price my medication cost through the Internet?

A: Of course. We recommend using our Prescription Drug Price Calculator to find your prescription savings.

Q: How much will I really be saving?

A: Saving with the NOP card will vary based on the prescription drug itself and the location where you live.

Q: Can the card be used for mail-order prescriptions?

A: Yes. When ordering through the mail its possible you can save even more!

Q: What are the card use restrictions?

A: There are no restrictions when using the card.

Q: Am I getting the "lowest" or "best" price on my prescription medications?

A: Yes. Participating pharmacies will give you their lowest (or best) price available. Usually the price is notably lower than what the retail or sale price would be for the same medication. If you can get a brand name or generic medication at a lower price than that which is offered by the card you will pay the lower price.

Q: Can my pharmacist tell me if the card will or will not save me money?

A: Only after they have entered your complete information into the computer can the pharmacist advise you as to what your savings will be. The card entitles you to it’s full benefit and if a particular pharmacy does not want to provide you with that benefit you can always go to a pharmacy that will.