• We can assist you in several ways. Let’s start with the NOP card, our discount prescription drug card. If you or someone you know is struggling with the costs of prescription medications we can save you up to 75%.

  • Need blood work or imaging? You can receive significant savings on lab and imaging services through our savings partners.

  • A good dental benefits plan can be an important part of oral health. That's why we choose to offer this valuable arrangement so you and your family can obtain the dental services you need.
  • Do you suffer with diabetes or the inability to pay for needed medicine? Our diabetic and patient assistance program can help you save on your diabetic supplies and other medications.

  • Our telemedicine program gives you 24 hour access to physician assistance, medical billing negotiations and discounts on gym and fitness centers in your area.

  • In addition, we also offer a medical savings program to help you with doctor, hospital, dental and vision costs.

All programs are designed to help the underinsured, uninsured and uninsurable. Our goal is to HELP BUILD COMMUNITIES ONE NEIGHBORHOOD AT A TIME. Make sure you contact the person who referred you here after reviewing the website if you require additional information and start taking advantage of these savings today!