The NEIGHBORHOOD OUTREACH PROGRAM is proud to partner with several Service Providers to help you make the best medical decisions for you and your family. Click on the information link after any of the listings below and you will be taken to the appropriate site.

lab testsOrder Lab Tests Online Or By Phone

Order your lab tests and blood work online! This NOP partner now lets you order tests and blood work from your home or office. Take control of your health care needs by using the advisory team and nationwide physician network available to you through this convenient service. You can have access to physician guided lab testing and online resources to access approved blood tests. This helps to clarify some of the uncertainty about what the tests are and help clear up any worries in similar looking lab tests descriptions.
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mri/ctMRI/CT Imaging Services

A better image leads to a more accurate diagnosis, specified treatment, and faster recovery. We are not just about providing a discount MRI or CT. Our goal is to provide you with a high quality, credentialed nationwide network to give you superior care at an affordable price. It’s also a good fit if you have high deductible plans, or need to self pay. With same or next day scheduling located in your area, quality diagnosis by Certified Physicians and results that are sent to your referring physician within 24-48 you are sure to be satisfied.
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diabetic suppliesDiabetic Supplies

Save up to 50% off pharmacy prices with the Diabetic Program. Everyone deserves reliable, affordable testing supplies and through this program we are helping to make that a reality. The high cost of necessary supplies and medications can devastate a family’s budget but help is available. Now experienced customer care agents work with you to get your prescriptions and supplies delivered right to your door. With secure ordering using automated payment processes getting what you need is easier than ever.
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papPatience Assistance Program

Although there are hundreds of programs designed to ease the financial burden and rising costs of healthcare, the research to find the specific ones that apply to each individual takes time and can be very intensive. Making sure the paperwork is completed properly, obtaining your prescriptions from your doctors, and making sure that this is done exactly as required can be overwhelming. Neighborhood Outreach Program is an organization that specializes in matching you with the “best fit” assistance programs. We know the process and we help you receive your much-needed medications for a low monthly fee. Check our program guidelines to see if you may qualify.

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medical savings program

NOP Telemedicine Program

MDLive is a nationwide 24/7 telemedicine service that offers consumers an affordable solution to the challenge of healthcare access. We provide members with round-the-clock access to licensed physicians via phone, web video or secure e-mail. Regardless of your location, you can connect with a physician in real-time for the treatment or diagnosis of common conditions. Children away at college can now access medical treatment by phone or e-mail and have their medical records available to their physician! Were one of the only telemedicine programs that offer 13 or more additional services. Doctors, Hospitals, Dental, Vision, Hearing,Chiropractic, Price Negations and much more!

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NOP Telemedicine Savings Program is NOT insurance - it is designed to help you reduce health care spending and start living a healthier lifestyle. The network includes practitioners and facilities nationwide, as well as many retail chains and online providers and compliments any health benefits you currently have.