Jun 06 2012

About Us

We are the Neighborhood Outreach Program, formerly the Free National Rx card.

NOP has over 75 years of combined healthcare experience. We are proud to provide our FREE prescription drug card to millions of Americans across the country that want and need to reduce their healthcare costs. There are an estimated 45 to 75 million people in the US without a prescription benefit program but help is here. We are sure this incredible FREE program will prove beneficial to you and your family for years to come. Our discount prescription program and the additional programs we offer were developed to help uninsured, underinsured,and uninsurable people afford their prescription needs by offering the best discounts available through our partners. Helping individuals makes for strong neighborhoods and strong neighborhoods make for better communities. The Neighborhood Outreach Program "Save lives. Save money."

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This is NOT Insurance. Payment due at time of service.