NOP PLUS CARD - Save Even More on Prescriptions!

While our Free NOP Card is great for most people, those who have multiple prescription they need to fill each month can save even more with our NOP PLUS CARD!

SAVE UP TO 90% On Prescription Medication at Over 65,000 Pharmacies Nationwide.

Plans Starting at $14.95/month


  • US drug prices are the highest in the world!
  • Prescription drug prices have increased 97% since 2011!
  • There are 3 billion prescriptions written in the US every year!
  • The average person fills 4 to 8 prescriptions a monthly!
  • Healthcare is a 2 trillion dollar a year industry!
  • Nearly half of Americans under 65 who lack drug Coverage fail to fill a prescription because of the cost.

The NOP Plus Card is an Affordable Solution for millions of Uninsured or
Under-insured individuals and small businesses!

To view sample pricing before purchasing your NOP Plus Card, Click on the following link:
Username: flexcard2 Password: Flex2014

**Example: If you take 1 pill a day, which is a 30 day supply, you will put in 30 for the number of pills and 30 for the number of days. (Do not put in 1 for the daily amount)

** Remember, Pharmacies with “Preferred” in RED have the best prices

*These packages are not insurance.

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